05. July
at 20.30
Mestni muzej (City Museum) - Ljubljana


Jan Severpiano

Free admission!

“It is hard to write something about an event, which is yet to happen. Much harder, because it is a »solo improvised« recital. When I tell my colleagues, what am I working on, they are usually excited about it. They are usually interested in the nature of my improvisation. Will it be jazz, classical, or maybe some other kind, or will I have a theme to improvise on, and if, what kind of and so on… Legitimate questions, but unfortunately I do not have the right answer to them. The concert which I am about to perform, is completely and fully improvised.

I improvise my whole life, I even started improvising, before I formally started playing music.  For me, improvisation is the most intimate expression of my soul, journey through my psyche. When I am improvising, I am not thinking about any, even relevant, musical notion. I do not think about chords, scales, harmony, genre etc. Any of this would just hinder the process. The only thing I am searching during improvisation is the achievement of the most intensive contact with the flow of energy, which we call music. Process, which interests me, is the fusion, or synthesis, opening of the new posibilities. There are no laws. All of the barriers exist only in the frame of my own experience and of course in the frame of the given moment.

I wish to perform this concert for a long time. The rehearsal for this concert is the life I am living, which is filled with music and endless hours of the exercise and on the other hand, there is no rehearsal for it, just as there is no rehearsal for life. But besides living in the rutine, we do not really know, what awaits behind the corner. Likewise in music …”

Jan Sever

You can preview the concert promo video on this link.

Jan Sever started his musical journey when he was 5 years old. He started learning piano with prof. Marija Kocijančič in primary and secondary music school and continued his studies on the academy of music in Ljubljana, under mentorship of prof. Andrej Jarc. During his studies, Jan constantly proved himself on international competitions and concerts (solo, as well as chamber music performance). He is a recipient of the first prize (the national music competition) and student Prešeren award, along with many other  achievemnts. Jan Sever accompanied his education with many seminars at home and abroad.

Currently he is teaching piano at the Conservatory of music and ballet in Ljubljana, where he used to be an awarded répétiteur (with the Temsig award). As a répétiteur he used to work also on the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.

Jan Sever is performing with many different ensembles and many other renowed Slovenian musicians. Besides classical musical career, he intensively studies other genres, such as tango, fusion and improvisation. He is a member of different music groups such as Marko Hatlak & Funtango, Moonlight Sky, Oxana & La Banda, Rojotango Orchestra etc.

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