28. July
at 20.30
Mestni muzej (City Museum) - Ljubljana

MAJA LISAC BARROSO & MARCELO NISINMAN: LUFT – AIR / 100 years of Piazzolla (Switzerland, Slovenia, Argentina)

Maja Lisac Barroso, saxophone
Marcelo Nisinman, bandoneon


Marcelo Nisinman (1970), Hombre tango
Carlos Gardel (1890–1935), Cuando tu no estas
Antonio de Cabezón (1541–1602), Tiento del sexto tono (arr. M. L. Barroso)
Pedro Datta (1887–1934), El aeroplano (arr. M. Nisinman)
Dieterich Buxtehude (1637/39–1707), Danket dem Herrn, denn Er ist freundlich (arr. M. L. Barroso)
Juan Carlos Cobián (1896–1942), Los mareados
Barbara (1930–1997), Nantes (arr. M. Nisinman)
Astor Piazzolla (1921–1992), Bordel 1900
Marcelo Nisinman (1970), Argentinos en Europa
Astor Piazzolla (1921–1992), Jeanne y Paul (arr. M. Nisinman)

A concert dedicated to 100th birthday of the famous tango revolutionary Astor Piazzolla brings a unique combination of saxophone and bandoneon offering a wide range of styles and periods, from Baroque to present Argentina: A saxophone that doesn’t sound like jazz and a bandoneon that offers a lot more than dance music? And what’s more, the two instruments playing together? Maja Lisac Barroso and Marcelo Nisinman evidently like to put their listeners’ expectations to a challenge. In LUFT – AIR, a Slovenian (Lisac Barroso) who grew up in Switzerland and an Argentinian with Polish roots (Nisinman) find their homeland in the unique music they make. The musicians have performed together for eight years, in large ensembles as well as in a duo. The current duo program LUFT – AIR features a highly original and unique tracklisting of pieces for bandoneon and saxophone, some original compositions, but mostly arrangements by the artists themselves. The selection shows a great variety of styles and epochs, from baroque works by Dietrich Buxtehude to Tangos by Juan Carlos Cobián and Astor Piazzolla. The versatile saxophonist uses instruments of various sizes, from the soprano to double bass saxophone. The bandoneonist, a widely respected tango specialist and composer, creates captivating compositions with delicate arrangements and a sometimes ironic sense of humor. This duo finds common ground in creating sound through air and breath, thus the program title: LUFT – AIR. The programme shows the historical development of classical tango, from the theory of the bandoneon as organ replacement in churches (early music) to today’s Tango Nuevo. Selected classical tangos, early music, and original new compositions are contrasted and complemented by each other. A fascinating aural experience!

Admission free. Free tickets can be picked up the last hour before the concert at the entrance to the City Museum. The number of seats is limited, so we advise you to arrive a little earlier.

Due to the amendments to the decree on the temporary restriction of the cultural services, event may be attended only by persons with a certificate of: recovery of covid-19 (P), vaccination (C) or a negative test result, which must not be older than 48 hours (T). Entry to the event is only possible with a PCT certificate. Certificate is not required for children under the age of 15 who attend the event with close family members or guardians.

Due to safety measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections, all visitors must wear protective facemasks, disinfect their hands regularly, and observe a safety distance of at least 1 m.

Entry to the event is only possible with a ticket, visitors are asked to enter the venue individually, hostesses will accompany them to a vacant seat. If you suspect that you have come in contact with the coronavirus or are showing typical signs of the disease, do not attend the event.

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