30. April
at 11.00
Staro mestno jedro (Old Town) - Ljubljana


In 2011, on the proposal of Goodwill ambassador Herbie Hancock, UNESCO declared 30 April International Jazz Day. It is marked around the globe with concerts, workshops, and other events. On this occasion, we are organising several jazz concerts in collaboration with our partners in Metlika, Ljubljana, Postojna, Gorizia, and Gornji Grad. We are also organising spontaneous jazz street performances, which will take place on 30 April between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm. You will come across them in Ljubljana and at the Čevljarski most (Shoemakers’ Bridge), Tromostovje (The Three Bridges), and Robba fountain on Mestni Trg, and in Nova Gorica’s Bevkov trg.


Peter Mihelič, piano
Nikola Matošić, double bass

Be it jazz or another genre, the established combination of piano and double bass lends a unique harmonic wealth and depth of sound which stir a sense of intimacy and spontaneity that is hard to replicate. Slovenian masters of acoustic jazz, bassist Nikola Matošić and pianist Peter Mihelič will take you on a timeless journey across the unchartered worlds of jazz music, which you won’t hear anywhere else. To prevent you losing your way, Peter Mihelič will equip individual pieces of music with short narratives.


Bojan Volk, saxophone
Marko Petrušič, piano

PianoSax Duo represents one half of the classic jazz line-up Just Friends Quartet (with Enos Kugler on drums and Nikola Matošić on bass). The duo follows the direction of their parent four-piece, which cultivates and reinterprets the sounds of legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins’ quartets from the 1950s. In 2018, the quartet released the album ‘Sitting in the Shade’, and followed it up this april with ‘Swinging All the Way’, an album of original songs by pianist Marko Petrušič. They complement their repertoire of rearranged jazz standards with original compositions written in the traditional jazz style.


Cene Resnik, saxophone
Thierno Diallo, double bass

Saxophonist and improviser Cene Resnik is perhaps best known to the wider Slovenian audience from his years with the top-most Slovenian rock band Siddharta (1996—2007). After completing his studies in jazz saxophone at the conservatory in Klagenfurt, his journey took him to New York and India, where he delved into meditation and, of course, jazz. He recorded his debut jazz album, Joyful Spontaneity, with bassist Giovanni Maier, violinist Emanuele Parrini, and drummer Aljoša Jerič and later went on to expand his jazz discography with different lineups, releasing albums such as From the Sky, Inventum, Shades of Colors, Abnormal Sub Normalities I and II, Through Eons to Now, Timelessness, Dynamitron, Before it Rains, and Life Practice.

Bassist Thierno Diallo has played with various bands such as Baltazar Big Band, Standart, Igrišče, Sex & Violence Orchestra, Sex & Violence Theatre, and later FFELT (Faculty of Arts English Language Theatre). As a composer, arranger, and bassist he collaborated with groups such as Cirkus Klautsky and Ego Malfunction, as well as the multidisciplinary project Džumbus, which combines film, poetry, and music. He also performs solo and composes music for puppet shows like Juri Muri in Africa and Why?, both produced by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.

For the last 10 years, Resnik and Diallo have been playing jazz standards and variations in a way that captivates passers-by of all ages.


Admission free.

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