20. July
at 11.00
Slovenska filharmonija (The Slovenian Philharmonic) - Ljubljana


Glasbena matica Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Officina MusicAttuale, and Imago Sloveniae invite you to attend our Piano masterclass with Alexander Gadjiev, 14—20 July 2023. In the spirit of cross-border collaboration, the first part (14—18 July) will take place in Kulturni dom in Italian Gorizia, while the second part (19—20 July) will be held in the Grand Hall of the Slovenian Philharmonic Society in Ljubljana. Along with Alexander, masterclass sessions will also be given by his father, the internationally acclaimed pedagogue and concert pianist Siavush Gadjiev.

Masterclass sessions with Alexander Gadjiev:

  • Kulturni dom Gorizia, Italy
    14., 17., 18. July, 10h–13h and 15h–18h
    15., 16. July, 10h–13h and 15h–17h
  • Slovenska filharmonija, Ljubljana
    19. July, 11h–13h and 15h–18h
    20. July, 10h–13h and 15h–18h

Masterclass sessions with Siavush Gadjiev:

  • Trgovski dom, Gorizia, Italy
    14. July, 11h–13h and 15h–18h
    15. July, 10h–13h and 15h–17h
    16. July, 12h–13h and 15h–17h
    17. July, 10h–13h and 15h–18h
    18. July, 10h–13h

(lunch break everyday between 1pm and 3 pm)

The masterclass will also include four performances by active masterclass participants. In keeping with the tenets of cross-border collaboration the concerts will be held both in Italy and Slovenia. They will run between 17 and 20 July at 8:30 PM at the following locations:

  • Zorzettig Winery, Spessa di Cividale (IT), 17 July
  • Kulturni dom Gorica (IT), 18 July
  • Slovenian Philharmonic, Ljubljana (SI), 19 July
  • Slovenian Philharmonic, Ljubljana (SI), 20 July

Due to the top-tier selection of active seminar participants, whose performances will be further refined in the course of our top-quality masterclass, you can expect the best possible concert experiences.

The masterclass will be headed by world-renowned multiple international award-winning pianist Alexander Gadjiev. In 2019, he was named a BBC New Generation Artist. Alexander epitomises borderlessness. He comes from Gorizia, a simultaneously Italian and Slovenian town. His family is international and he speaks five languages. At a time, when Europe is forming ever tighter cultural bonds, Alexander is the ideal Ambassador of the European Culture Capital – Nova Gorica/Gorizia, GO! 2025. Alexander demonstrates the rare capacity of internalizing a variety of musical qualities from different cultures and combining them into a unique personal style, which he will gladly convey in the course of his masterclass.

The participants will also benefit from the profound pedagogical experience of his father, internationally acclaimed teacher and concert pianist Siavush Gadjiev, whose teaching career began at the prestigious Central Special Music School of the Moscow Conservatory, which nurtured the best talents from the former Soviet Union, as well as Japan, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Korea, and the USA. Siavush has ample experience with heading international masterclasses and concerts across the globe. A resident of Italy, he currently teaches at the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory and a private school for young talents in Gorizia. He has taught many international competition winners.

The masterclass is open to the public and can be visited free of charge.

The Masterclass is organized with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Gorizia, the Municipality of Ljubljana, and The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia in collaboration with Annalisa Zorzettig Winery, Pecar pianos, Silič Piano Tuning, Kulturni dom Gorica, the Slovenian Philharmonic, with the support of Mrak Hotel, and the media partnership of Il giornale della musica and Radio Città Aperta.

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