31. August
at 22.00
Nights in Old Ljubljana Town
Stari trg (Old square) - Ljubljana

SENTIDO (Slovenia)

Urška Centa, dance, palmas
Mitja Obed, dance, palmas
Primož Fleischman, alt saxophone, flute
Tomaž Pačnik, piano
Nino Mureškičpercussion

A charming evening of flamenco, music and dance, with some ethno-jazz highlights.

Sentido is a music and dance project that connects prominent Slovenian flamenco artists. They go beyond traditional forms of the genre and reach for elements of other musical cultures, their vibrant rhythms and instruments, and through them – on the basis of personal free expression – develop a sense of transferring past traditions into modern times and environment. The traditional role of the flamenco guitar is thus taken up by the piano, and the cajón is joined by a wide range of percussion and electronics to engage the dancers in dialogue.

Tomaž Pačnik has long been established on the Slovenian and international ethno-jazz scene. He is the founder of Jazoo, a band that has been active abroad for 22 years and has recorded six albums. He acquired his knowledge at the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music, and soon began to receive numerous offers for collaboration with various musicians and bands (Jadranka Juras, Vlado Kreslin, etc.).

Nino Mureškič is a musician and percussionist with more than twenty-five years of experience, who has performed with a variety of artists from around the world and recorded records and CDs. He also recorded the first Slovenian album with frame drum music – NinoManas. He began to study African drumming at Guinea master Mamady Keïta. He continued his studies in New York with master Glen Velez (frame drum, riq, bendir, kanjira). In 2005, he further developed his knowledge by studying Indian rhythmic theory at Pandit Suresh Talwalkar (Mumbai).

Urška Centa is one of the most prominent Slovenian flamenco dancers. She is involved in a variety of dance and music projects (Noches de tablao, Deblas, Sacai, etc.) that intertwine flamenco with jazz, ethno music and other more modern artistic trends. She gained her knowledge at the world-renowned flamenco academy Amor de Dios, the UFlamenco Higher Center for the Study of Flamenco in Madrid and the Ljubljana Dance Academy.

Mitja Obed is a flamenco dancer who has been active in Slovenia and Croatia for many years, where he is considered one of the first flamenco dance teachers. He creates full-length dance performances (Upogib, Box, etc.) and collaborates with various bands at home and abroad (CoraViento, Flamencoraneo, etc.).

Free admission.


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