04. September
at 21.30
La Corte, Mole - Ancona, Italy

tAMAN (Slovenia)

Metod Banko, vocals
Jelena Ždrale, vocals, violin
Luka Ropret, guitar
Nino de Gleria, acoustic and electric bass
Marjan Stanić, drums and percussion

tAman, a five-piece band fusing Balkan pathos and urban passion, led by two hypnotic women, boldly refashions the traditional romantic yearnings of sevdalinke, Bosnian folk songs, which have survived through the centuries only in their vocal form, into a new, uplifting and unbound ethno jazz. Balkan blood runs through these masterful musicians, transmuting melanchonic Bosnian and Macedonian melodies into something optimistic, rhythmically wild and irresistible.

The band members first met at Ljubljana’s refugee centres in 1995. But it was more than twenty years later that the renowned musicians finally joined forces to entertain, salve and bring people together, issuing their instantly enthralling first single NAME in 2016. tAman has successfully performed to appreciative audiences at the international ethno festival Druga godba, Cankarjev dom, Metelkova, the international festival Noči v Stari Ljubljani, the JEFF festival in Koper, and throughout the Balkans.

Why tAman? Because the word aman, a breath of love, is found in almost every sevdalinka, and taman means the right amount. It’s tAman of everything!

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