26. August
at 20.30
Stari-Gornji trg, Ljubljana


Zvezdana Novakovič, project author, compositions, vocals
Marko Črnčec, keys
Nino Mureškič, percussion
backing vocals, dance and percussion:  Petra Prosen, Maja Zagmajster, Neža Janša, Sonca Menart, Zarja Menart, Kaja Horvat, Eva Mulej, Neža Bojović
dance: Zarja Ferlinc

In less than a century, man has contributed to the mass extinction of all living things and pushed the Earth to the brink of ecological catastrophe. We live on earth, but as if we can’t hear it! Our ancestors knew how to wisely listen to the nature and its cycles, they honoured it with ritual songs.

In Zvezdana Novaković’s new project “Čaralice” you can hear ritual hymns of nature, ancient magic spells and chants with which our ancestors treated various physical and mental illnesses. Especially for this project, the author set the magic words to music and poured the ritual tunes into a modern sound image. The “Čaralice” project is a tribute to Pavel Medvešček and all Old Believers who respected our first faith, faith in nature.

Zvezdana Novaković is a Slovenian artist who explores the limits of her musical and performative expression within traditional folk, jazz, classical and electronic music, and the performing arts. Her musical language is influenced by the tradition of the Slavic and Balkan countries and the technique of the open voice of the throat, which is a mixture of her own expression combined with improvisation. She learned folk songs from her Serbian and Slovenian grandmothers, and perfected her knowledge of Bulgarian folk singing with her Master’s degree in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In search of a resonant singing of open voices, she set out to explore other folk songs of Slavic and Balkan cultures too. She has collaborated and learned from authentic singers from Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Croatia, and Slovenia. The product of five years of research is the Slovena Voices project, in which her new compositions of folk songs resonate.

Admission free. 

Due to the amendments to the decree on the temporary restriction of the cultural services, event may be attended only by persons with a certificate of: recovery of covid-19 (P), vaccination (C) or a negative test result, which must not be older than 48 hours (T). Entry to the event is only possible with a PCT certificate. Certificate is not required for children under the age of 15 who attend the event with close family members or guardians.

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