Dear lovers of quality music,

You are cordially invited to a cultural trip around the concert venues of Imago Sloveniae – The Image of Slovenia. At this year’s 29th summer festival, part of which is also the Summer in Old Ljubljana, we offer 38 concerts, featuring 266 performers from 23 countries. The program is traditionally based on classical music from different periods for different ensembles and jazz.

Special attention is again given to young musicians who are starting their solo careers, and to whom we will dedicate the opening concert of the festival, which will host RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra alongside eight excellent soloists and three conductors of the younger generation.

All the concerts are free, as we want quality music to reach the widest possible audience, which our many sponsors, especially the Municipality of Ljubljana, have made possible.

We wish you an abundance of musical pleasure!

Janoš Kern

Director of Imago Sloveniae

Imago Sloveniae – Image of Slovenia is one of the largest non-governmental cultural projects in Slovenia, linking 20 concert venues from all parts of the country. This summer’s edition of the festival will include 37 concert of artists from 16 countries. The programme is traditionally based on classical music from different periods for different ensembles, and enriched with jazz, which will also receive increased attention during this year.

The opening concert is thus dedicated to jazz and the Big Band of RTV Slovenia, one of the oldest ensembles of this type in the world which is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its operation, will host 10 excellent solos of the younger generation who are building their successful careers in Slovenia and abroad.

According to our mission, i.e. provision of access to high quality cultural content, this year the concerts will continue to be available free of charge for all visitors. This is mainly thanks to our numerous sponsors among which we must especially highlight the Municipality of Ljubljana.

This year’s festival is dedicated to the sadly much too early deceased, musician, violinist, mentor and music professor Mr Tomaž Lorenz, our dear friend and long-time associate.

I sincerely hope that you have a pleasant cultural journey.


Janoš Kern


Imago Sloveniae


The International Cycle Jazz Stage is happy to announce the concert of the internationally renown American jazz singer JD Walter with band. You can read more about his work and critics here.


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